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2008-04-23 17:34:32 by blitzpaladin

yessssssssssssss! My flash made it on! wooooot


2008-01-26 01:15:34 by blitzpaladin

i dont really care, they were pretty crappy flashes..... my friend said i should have posted them, but its cool im improving... hope my next ones are better!


2008-01-16 17:40:10 by blitzpaladin

i guess they did get blammed.... oh well i wish i there was a way to see the reviews, for constructive purposes.... oh well.....


2008-01-16 17:00:23 by blitzpaladin

just got myself set up a little while ago. Put up some flashes but they disappeared, didnt get blammad just gone....
oh well, their up again and working! so, hope someone enjoys themmmmmm.....